Emergency Plumbing

Is Your Home Flooding?

Is Your Home Flooding?

Find an emergency plumber in Philadelphia, PA

Looking for a 24-hour plumber to respond to a flooding emergency? Call The House Doctor Plumbing anytime, day or night, to get your plumbing repaired in the Philadelphia, PA area.

No matter what kind of plumbing issue you're facing, you can count on us to arrive and fix it in no time. Trust our emergency plumber to stop your toilet from overflowing, unclog your sink or test your home for carbon monoxide.

If there are unusual puddles in your yard or your water bill is unusually high, you might have a broken water line. We can inspect your water line, locate any leaks and make the necessary repairs.

Don't panic if you smell gas in your house. Call us right away, and we'll give you instructions on what to do until we get there. It's important to call us immediately to keep your family safe. A broken gas line can cause a fire or explosion.

Choose The House Doctor Plumbing when you need a 24-hour plumber.

6 emergency plumbing services we provide

The House Doctor Plumbing is a dedicated emergency plumber located in Philadelphia, PA. We repair:

  1. Burst water and sewer pipes
  2. Frozen water lines
  3. Leaky gas lines
  4. Carbon monoxide leaks
  5. Broken water heaters
  6. Clogged plumbing fixtures

Call 267-322-9918 today for emergency plumbing services.