Drain Cleaning

Prevent Bad Odors in Your Home

Prevent Bad Odors in Your Home

Does your kitchen sink in Philadelphia, PA have a clogged drain?

Are you having a tough time removing the clog in your shower or toilet? The House Doctor Plumbing provides drain cleaning services to homeowners in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Whether it's mold, hair, grease or food clogging your drain, we can help. We use a high-pressure water jetter to remove even the toughest clogs. Our water jetter fits into pipes and uses non-destructive pressurized water to punch through clogs. This will remove clog residue, as well.

If you have tree roots or debris clogging up your water or sewer lines, our high-pressure water jetter can remove those, too.

Schedule drain cleaning services today by calling us at 267-322-9918.

5 important reasons to take care of your clogged drain now

The House Doctor Plumbing clear your clogged drain in no time. We clean out drains in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas.

Cleaning your drains regularly is beneficial because it:

  1. Allows for fast, efficient drainage
  2. Prevents leaks
  3. Prevents foul odors
  4. Prevents clogs
  5. Prevents pipe corrosion

Get your drains cleaned out today and save money in the long run.